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About Elizabeth Jane

As a self-taught fashion designer for four years before currently attending the Portland Fashion Institute, Elizabeth’s significant concern for the detrimental environmental and sociological impact of the fashion industry prompts her focus on sustainable couture designs, sustainable fashion alternatives, green living habits, and the support of local fashion and businesses.

A born and raised Oregon native with her heart in the city, nothing makes her happier than a sunny day in summer. When she’s not singing her heart out or pursuing the creative and dramatic arts, you can find her doing what she’s most passionate about: meeting and connecting with people.



Explore current and previous designs of Elizabeth Jane Couture


Innovative Design Garments

Designed with innovative techniques and visions in mind, these two dresses sourced alternative fabrics in their construction.


Denim Bridal

Circa 2014, this one-of-a-kind dress is perfect for the unconventional bride!


Products by Request

Are you in love with one of my previous designs? Get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to make it for you! I love providing this flexible option to all of my clients, as I know it makes a world of a difference to them. Please get in touch for more information and to explore past collections for yourself.
Also, please know that I design with sustainability in mind at all times. I may not have the same fabrics/textiles available, so I will happily hunt for a close alternative to satisfy your desires!


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